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We Get You

You’re a hard-working, ambitious individual who got to the point in your career when an MBA or a Master’s degree will help you get to the next level. We get you! We’ve been in the same shoes and know exactly what challenges and opportunities are in front of you. As is for you, our reputation is most important for us, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way in your journey to your dream business school.

Come, learn from our experienced and caring trainers and coaches, join our supportive community, and achieve the boldest results you could dream of!

Here’s what we guarantee that you’ll get when you join the Admit Master family:

Brilliant GMAT Instructors

Most of our students are targeting scores of 700 and above. We believe that to achieve high scores on the test, you need to learn from instructors who have scored higher than your desired score. For this reason we hire only GMAT prep instructors who have scored in the 99th percentile on the official exam, and train them for several months before they can teach a class. All our instructors not only have a natural ability to “crack” complex GMAT problems, but are also able to explain the advanced strategies in simple and understandable terms.

Admit Master’s Lead GMAT instructors have 10-15 years of teaching experience for large national test prep centres, are well-recognized authorities in GMAT preparation and MBA Admissions, and have published best-selling GMAT guides available in book stores across North America. One of our instructors has even won an award as the #1 Worldwide Instructor of the Year!

“The instructors made sure we understood the material and taught us different ways to solve problems. The tips and tricks you learn exclusively in this course definitely give you advantage when writing the test. Most importantly, the instructors knew what they were doing. They were able to answer virtually any question. It’s a quality course that will give you quality results.” — Anastassia C.

Better GMAT Strategies

Most GMAT courses available on the market offer a toolkit of some GMAT strategies, but what sets Admit Master apart is the relevance of the strategies to the questions that appear on the real test, the quality of the classroom instruction, and the thoroughness of the GMAT course curriculum.

We begin with a thorough understanding of the structure of the test. We know that the Official Guide does not provide a full coverage of all topics that appear on the test today. We also know that it includes some very old problems that don’t matter anymore. For this reason, we supplement the official questions with extra ones that have been exclusively developed by our instructors based on years of experience working with real GMAT problems. Simply put, we stay current, focus on questions that matter, and teach you the strategies that will really help you beat the GMAT.

“When I took my practice test for the first time, I never thought I could understand the GMAT and the game plan behind it. That all changed when I walked into my first GMAT class with Admit Master. The first thing I heard was “Anybody can beat the GMAT”. I instantly got such a boost that has helped me understand the test more and develop strategies to achieve my desired score.” — Faiza I.

More Comprehensive Curriculum

We have designed the Admit Master GMAT course curriculum based on years of experience working with thousands of students. Throughout your GMAT study program, you will gradually build your toolkit of best strategies, your critical thinking skills, and your confidence – all of which are very important for the success on your test day.

Your GMAT course begins with an overview of conceptual strategies designed to dramatically reduce your time per question and at the same time increase your accuracy. From the very first class, you will begin working on real GMAT problems and will quickly realize that the GMAT evaluates not only your knowledge of Math theory and formulas, or English grammar rules, but also, most importantly, your higher-order thinking abilities.

Class after class, you will learn the best strategies for all question types and all topics that appear on the GMAT. By the time your program is complete, you will have a complete understanding of how the GMAT exam really works, and will have tools and strategies to attack every question that appears on the GMAT.

“After my very first GMAT class, I realized that I didn’t know what I didn’t know and that I needed to learn new strategies, as much as I needed to un-learn my old ways of approaching questions. I wished I had started learning the best strategies upfront – this would have saved me months of preparation time and lots of frustration.” — Albert H.

Smarter Class Hours

Some companies offer courses with 3 class hours per week for 9 weeks. In our opinion, such programs push way too much self-study work onto the student, and don’t maintain enough momentum to help you succeed; this somewhat defeats the purpose of taking the course.

Some other test prep centres advertise 100-hour courses, but studying in class for 20-25 hours a week is too tiring; as a result, students are exhausted and can’t learn. Ask any experienced GMAT trainer, or any student who got a high GMAT score, and they’ll tell you that it is not possible to “cram” the GMAT. Rather, it takes patience and good study structure to succeed on the test within a short time frame.

We believe that any good study plan must be balanced. We will teach you strategies, will walk you through processes and methodologies, and will show you how the exam really works – all at the pace that will allow you to learn fast and keep your life balance at the same time.

We will also ask you to do homework and online exercises on your own, only because we can’t be there when you write your test (or when you start your MBA and need to study alone, for that matter). We want to help you expand your comfort zone, but please rest assured, we will always be there for you when you need us (at least until you get your acceptance letter from your dream business school!)

Incredible support – as long as you need it!

When you join our course, you will not only have direct access to the instructors teaching the course (in case you have any questions or need to clear any doubts), but also will join our private online community of smart, hard-working and supportive individuals who can hold you accountable and can help you with areas you’re struggling with.

Whenever you need individual help, youэll be able to meet with your instructor 1-on-1 for 3 private tutoring hours that are included in your GMAT Mastery Program fee. Any time within a year of the start of your program, you could come back to repeat your live course as many times as you want – and can attend weekly homework review sessions for as long as you’d like during this 1-year period.

Most GMAT prep companies will charge extra for every phone call or every review session, but at Admit Master your one-time investment in the GMAT Mastery program gets you unlimited coaching for a full year. We’re very proud of the results our clients achieve, which is why we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied!

Better Study Tools

All Admit Master GMAT programs begin with a set of adaptive Math drills designed to improve your knowledge of Math fundamentals and ensure that Math definitions and formulas are a non-issue on your test. After every class, you will receive comprehensive homework based on a combination of real past GMAT questions, and new questions developed exclusively by our instructors to improve coverage of topics relevant to the real test.

In addition, all students enrolled in the GMAT Mastery program get free access to the Admit Master Online study kit that includes over 60 hours of interactive online video lessons, 5,500+ well-explained practice questions – the most of any GMAT test prep centre, and up to 9 full-length Computer-Adaptive practice tests. After all, since you will need to take a Computer Adaptive Test, a part of your study should be dedicated to practicing with a Computer Adaptive Learning System.

Result? Better GMAT Scores

The most important feature of the Admit Master GMAT program is that it gets real results. On average, our students are able to improve scores by 180 points, the most of any GMAT test prep program in the industry. Thousands of our students have scored 700+ on the real tests and have been admitted to top MBA programs around the world with sizeable scholarships of $10,000 – $50,000 a year or more.

“I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who feels like their GMAT skills are lacking or who is aiming for a 700+ score. In my opinion, Admit Master stands superior to the competition, both from the cost and the program structure perspective. As for myself, I would say that a substantial portion of the credit for my 760 score and my admission to INSEAD goes to the instructors and consultants at Admit Master.” — Felix S.

Expert MBA Admission Consulting

GMAT may be the most important criterion that business schools look at, but it’s not the only component of your MBA Application. In addition to comprehensive GMAT courses, we offer a complete suite of MBA Admission services that match the quality and prestige of our GMAT preparation programs.

At Admit Master, advice is always FREE, and you don’t even need to be our GMAT student to receive it. Unlike other test prep centres that offer free admission advice (usually volunteered by GMAT instructors), Admit Master provides free consultations with professional MBA Admission Consultants, who have practical experience working in admissions offices at top business schools. You can schedule your Free Consultation here.

Clients who then decide to work 1-on-1 with an admission consultant usually get a distinct advantage, such as admission to top business schools (including coveted Magnificent 7 Schools), large entrance scholarships, etc. Your MBA Application process will include selection of schools that match your personal and career goals, your personal application strategy, editing of essays and resume, selection and coaching of your recommenders, preparation for admission interviews, and unlimited support throughout the entire application process. Learn more about MBA Admissions services.

“I am greatly satisfied with the service offered, in terms of quality and support: It definitely helped me from the first step of choosing the business school to the complete preparation of the application material. I got accepted into a top ten business school, more specifically IESE in Spain, and Admit Master consulting absolutely leveraged my chances to it. I highly suggest Admit Master to any MBA applicant!” — Lorenzo V.

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