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You have what it takes to have an outstanding career on your terms. Now, discover strategies to get there!

Whether your career is going great – and you want more out of it, or your job has been affected by the pandemic – and you need practical strategies to get back in the workforce – this is your opportunity to make important decisions that will affect your career trajectory for many years to come.

Admit Master has partnered with some of the most respected coaches in the industry to bring you unique career development programs that will help you supercharge your career.

Let us help you discover what career truly makes you happy, and take practical steps to start living this career now, so that you never have to settle for less than you deserve!

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In-Depth Career Development Programs

Career Mastery Program

Career Mastery is a unique 6-week program that will help you discover your true passion and move in the direction of your dream career now.

Career Mastery Program includes:

  • 6 weeks of online video classes, 2 classes / week
  • Bi-weekly private coaching sessions
  • Personal brand coaching
  • 24/7 access to all classes for life

Program Modules:

  1. Discover your true passion and describe your dream career
  2. Prepare an action plan with specific goals that will help you get there
  3. Develop a resume and cover letter that will land on top of the pile
  4. Master the interview and the follow-up process
  5. Identify and access the hidden job market and non-advertised positions
  6. Climb the corporate ladder and negotiate a promotion and a raise
  7. Bonus: Make extra money on the side and retire early

Program Fee: $999 (coaching included)
Next program starts on November 22, 2021

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Break into Management Consulting Accelerator

In this 5-week program offered in collaboration with Olivia Barnard, a coach and a former McKinsey consultant, you will learn how to break into a rewarding but very competitive management consulting career.

Consulting Accelerator Program includes:

  • Classroom learning setting – 2 live (Zoom) sessions per week for 5 weeks in a group of 20-30 people. Each session is broken into a 90 minute topic deep-dive followed by a 30 minute general Q&A.
  • Interactive sessions – Our sessions are designed to be interactive. You will have opportunities to practice and receive feedback on your behavioral and case interview responses.
  • Resources – Resume templates and samples, interview response guidelines, a networking tracker, a LinkedIn checklist, a behavioral interview question bank, and a portfolio of case studies.
  • Office hours – Ask your instructor any questions, discuss your career goals and request feedback! For example, you can ask whether you resume passes the 1-minute screening test.
  • Case buddy program – Partner with your peers to run 20+ mock cases within 3 months of completing our program and become an expert at breaking down cases!

Live classes November 9 – December 14, 2021
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