Pursuing an international MBA – Get out there and stretch your limits!

Now that the MBA Fair season has started, business school representatives from the world over will come to your home town. Are they worth attending?

An MBA education will not only give you arguably the most expensive three letters to attach to your name, but will also provide you with an opportunity to push the limits to where you can take your career. The technical and soft skills you will develop throughout the program will help you advance your career as well as improve you as a person.

Get out of your comfort zone

One common phrase you will hear over and over again throughout your MBA is to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone. Due to the heavy course load and all the extracurricular activities you may want to participate in (such as volunteering your time in student clubs, case competitions, study tours and endless projects), you’ll become comfortable being uncomfortable!

You’ll constantly be challenged by your professors, by your peers, and by your colleagues during your internship, and you’ll be amazed to see how well you transform into a whole new person.

Choose wisely

To get the maximum return on your investment of time, money and energy, consider your options wisely. While pursuing an MBA in your home town is a very attractive option and surely has many benefits, attending an international MBA program at a reputable, well ranked institution will provide you with the truly global experience and will help you develop new skills by stretching the boundaries of your comfort zone even further.

One argument for local MBAs would be the professional network they will provide you within your own city. However, if you are a competitive candidate, this should be the least of your concerns. All top-tier MBA programs have alumni all over the world. Most established universities have been around for a long time and offer very large alumni networks of tens of thousands of graduates

Want to go global?

If you crave international opportunities and decide to attend a local university, you could go on an exchange, join a study tour, or complete an international project. Most MBA programs in Canada and the U.S. offers such exciting opportunities. However, if you leave your comfort zone and live in a different country for a year or two (or longer if you decide to work in that country after graduation), you’ll gain a lot more international exposure and will not only take your career global, but will also meet new friends and develop a truly international personal and professional network!

Pursuing an MBA degree is a great investment and if you choose a business school with the right “fit” for your personal and career goals. Before diving head first into the application process, be sure to weigh all your pros and cons so that you maximize the return on your investment of time, money and energy.

The second round application deadlines are coming up soon. If you haven’t yet written your GMAT or began planning your MBA Applications, you still have time to get help and put your best foot forward.

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