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Acing the MBA Admissions Interview

You’ve worked hard on your MBA application, aced the GMAT, told a great story through your CV and essays, had your application package reviewed by a professional MBA Admissions consultant,…

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Best strategies for attending an MBA fair

MBA Fairs GMAT Toronto

February is a busy time for MBA candidates. You may be still trying to put together applications for September, or are beginning to explore your options for the following academic…

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Admissions Interviews – Deal breakers?

After the GMAT, the admissions interview is definitely the most stressful part of an MBA Application. You will be meeting with an admissions officer who will present your application to…

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You’ve been wait-listed… Now what?

You’ve worked hard on your GMAT, submitted your application on time, and attended the MBA admissions interview. You’ve been advised to expect a final decision on your application within 2-3…

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You’ve been admitted! Now what?

Once you receive your offer of admission, you’re probably over the moon because you are only a few months away from embarking on a very exciting journey – and quite…

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